A little bit about us

Who we are? 😎

We are a2reative, a 5-year-old creative agency, bult by young individuals who work on building and promoting both local and international brands. If you asked us to categorize, we would say – a creative agency for digital marketing – because we cover both aspects.

What do we offer to clients? 🔥

Digital transformation and high-quality creative solutions that make their brands stand out from the competition and bring tangible results. Social media, photo and video production, branding, advertising, strategies, websites – you name it, we did it. And continue to do it.

What do we do? 🚀

We develop brands, put them under digital spotlights and make them stand out with our next level content. If you’re wondering what next level content is, you can learn more about it here.

How do we do it? 🎯

Rejecting mediocrity, we decided to prioritize quality over quantity through our ‘next level approach,’ a 3-step process for authentic, high-quality, and engaging content. This allows us to work with a smaller number of clients who value our ideas. Learn more about it here.

Don’t take our word for all of this. You be the judge.

...but enough about us. If we share the same values, then the next part is for you.

We need someone who will assist us with:

  • Transforming bland information into a downright irresistible copy, in both English and Serbian.
  • Creating next level content and building kick-ass communities on social media.
  • Media buying and hunting for clicks and conversions on most relevant digital channels.
  • Crafting email marketing campaigns that make our clients’ audience ask for more.

And in case you’re asking yourself

how on Earth are you able to know all these things, here comes the best part. You don’t have to know all of that. If you have a minimum of 2 years' experience with any of them, and consider yourself REALLY good at it, we’ll be more than happy to meet you.

What will be your tasks?

Depending on what you’re good at, your tasks will be different, but you should know all our ongoing projects have one thing in common – social media marketing. You will create content for social media platforms to promote brands, products and/or services from various industries, build communities with target audience and drive traffic to their websites.

Regarding getting acquainted with agency work, you will participate in various meetings related to brainstorming ideas and creating plans for projects/campaigns, for both clients and our internal development.

You will have the opportunity to work on various tasks that will be anything but boring. We promise! 😊

What are the conditions you need to meet?

Besides a minimum of 2 years’ experience that we mentioned in the beginning – creativity, analytical skills, innovation, and motivation are qualities we want to find in the next member of our team.

Maybe this all sounds like we are looking for a digital marketing superhero. We are not. We are looking for someone who will take on the mentioned role in our small team and contribute with their maximum effort and creative ideas. And for that, we will compensate accordingly in both financial and non-financial terms.

If you are still reading and did find yourself in everything mentioned here, we invite you to send us your CV and examples of work-related projects with the title “Digital Marketing Specialist Application” to careers@a2creative.rs and share your story with us. One more essential requirement we highlight for this position is a good command of the English language. Looking forward to hearing from you.


PS: This position remains open until we find the right person for the job. Which doesn’t mean you should wait for your boss or client to piss you off again.

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