A little bit about us

Who we are? 😎

We are a2reative, a 6-year-old creative agency, bult by young individuals who work on building and promoting both local and international brands. If you asked us to categorize, we would say – a creative agency for digital marketing – because we cover both aspects.

What do we offer to clients? 🔥

Digital transformation and high-quality creative solutions that make their brands stand out from the competition and bring tangible results. Social media, photo and video production, branding, advertising, strategies, websites – you name it, we did it. And continue to do it.

What do we do? 🚀

We develop brands, put them under digital spotlights and make them stand out with our next level content. If you’re wondering what next level content is, you can learn more about it here.

How do we do it? 🎯

Rejecting mediocrity, we decided to prioritize quality over quantity through our ‘next level approach,’ a 3-step process for authentic, high-quality, and engaging content. This allows us to work with a smaller number of clients who value our ideas. Learn more about it here.

Don’t take our word for all of this. You be the judge.

...but enough about us. If we share the same values, then the next part is for you.

What we're looking for?

We’re looking for videographers and video editors for project-based work and we have a few important boxes these future Nexters need to tick. Why? As a creative agency, we work with clients in different fields. Their needs are different, but standards are always the same (as ours). High. So, we are building a team of videographers and video editors with various skills to provide our services with the right client-creators clicks. Here are the requirements:

  • Knowledge and experience in filming and/or video editing is a must.
  • For those applying for filming - having your recording equipment is a plus.
  • For those applying for editing - proficiency in using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects is mandatory.
  • For all - keeping up with the latest trends in social media content and short-form video content, like Instagram Reels and TikToks, is a MAJOR plus!

What will be your key responsibilities?

Brainstorm 💡

Work closely with our creative team to brainstorm and develop innovative video concepts.

Shoot 📸

Plan and shoot high-quality videos that align with our and our clients’ visions.

Edit 🖌️

Edit video and handle additional aspects like audio adjustments and motion graphics. We get delighted when we notice proper color correction and grading as well. 😊

What you’ll love working with us?

  • You'll work on projects ranging from short-form social media content to explainer and promo videos. Whatever you feel like doing & what fits your skills the most.
  • You’ll be paid per project – fair and square!
  • You'll work in a small but motivated and creative team of marketers and creatives who value collaboration, innovation, and fun!
  • You'll work on a flexible schedule and still have time for personal projects.
  • You’ll get a personal workspace in our office, to join us when you don’t feel like working remotely.

Ready to bring your skills to our table? Tell us more about yourself and send us a portfolio showcasing your best work at careers@a2creative.rs. Let’s create next level content together. 🎯

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