A little bit about us

Who we are? 😎

We are a2reative, a 5-year-old creative agency, built by young individuals who work on building and promoting both local and international brands. If you asked us to categorize, we would say – a creative agency for digital marketing – because we cover both aspects.

What do we offer to clients? 🔥

Digital transformation and high-quality creative solutions that make their brands stand out from the competition and bring tangible results. Social media, photo and video production, branding, advertising, strategies, websites – you name it, we probably already done it.

What do we do? 🚀

We develop brands, put them under digital spotlights, and make them stand out with our next level content. If you’re wondering what next level content is, check About us and Next level content sections to learn more.

How do we do it? 🎯

With our ‘next level approach‘, which is a 3-step process founded on good ideas, thorough research, and joint decisions.

Don’t take our word for all of this. You be the judge.

...but enough about us. If we share the same values, then the next part is for you.

We’re a small team of (slightly caffeine-fueled) creatives with a thing for the term ‘next level’, who are looking for an aspiring junior graphic designer to make his/her first agency steps with us. We’ll be honest – we are picky in that search quest. Why? Because, once the internship is finished, we want that person to join our graphic design team and create next level content with us. So, what are the boxes he/she needs to tick?

First, he/she is passionate, creative, and eager to learn about design in digital marketing, and is looking to get good at:

  • Understanding how design and digital marketing go hand-in-hand. Think conversions, clicks, and crafting brands that are visually irresistible.
  • Creating graphics and video content with ease. Think logos, illustrations, visuals and social media content, sprinkled with some beautiful animation.
  • Going all-in for helping companies stand out with authentic design. No boring templates here!
  • Wielding the mighty tools of Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, and After Effects (Lightroom is a +).

We mentioned we have a thing for term “next level”. So naturally, we also have a thing for creating next level content. And we have a process for that. Expect us to teach you how to apply it and create really thumb-stopping content that will make you stand out in the crowd of other graphic designers.

What if you don’t tick all the boxes?

Here's the catch: You don't need to be a design master. Even if you only tick half the boxes (think Photoshop maestro but After Effects newbie), we want to hear from you! We're all about potential, passion, and a willingness to learn.  

What's in it for you?

Mentorship 🌸

We’ll pair you up with design and project manager who’ll guide you on your creative journey and teach you how to put your design skills to work in the real world of digital marketing.

Financial compensation 💸

Time is money. Based on your progress, expect a fair financial compensation plan for the entire internship programme.

Potential Job Offer 👊

You’ll get a chance to become a fully fledged Nexter, at the end of your programme. That means a job contract to brag about and to monetize your knowledge and experience with.

Sounds like your cup of tea? Then prepare your best work so far and hit that “Apply now” button. Subject the email with “GD intern” and send us your portfolio and past experiences (paid or unpaid, doesn’t matter) at careers@a2creative.rs. We can’t wait to meet you and take your skills to the next level.

P.S. We promise interview process won’t involve any weird handshake rituals or boring interview questions. Just be yourself, show us your passion, and let’s get creative!  

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