Master driving through the city with Auto rad


Management of Auto Rad – car niche center and driving school, who is a leader in local market and our client for social media services at that time, identified the problem of the market beginning to be saturated with competitors flooding the digital space with similar content to theirs. We took it on ourselves to further research the trends and come up with a solution that would fit the client’s budget. The result of over 50 hours of research, brainstorming and planning was the YouTube series campaign Auto Rad – Vožnja kroz grad (a catchy wordplay of client’s name and what the series is about). 


The idea was to research the hot topics for local drivers and driving school attendees and have client’s staff who are professional driving instructors address them in series of YouTube and social media videos. The end results were 7 videos that we put in big creative and production efforts, which in return garnered huge brand recognition on the local market and made Auto Rad’s brand Next level with this video content. 

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Auto Rad