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When our partners from Elixir came to us, two things were highlighted: employer branding and community management. Those were the things on which we had to work the most, to present company’s culture, employees and workforce on social media communication channels. Doing employer branding for big corporations such as Elixir is not an easy task, especially since Elixir Group is the leader in the chemical industry in the biggest part of the Balkan. But that didn’t stop us from creating a strategic plan for social media campaigns.  

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This Instagram feature is used to promote core company values

Along with employer branding, we’ve developed a strong community of people who follow and respect Elixir Group, who are interested in finding out more about projects this company organizes.  

Companies such as Elixir, that invest in community management, change from being a generic business to one that has a genuine concern for the customers, employees, and other stakeholders. That’s exactly what we achieved, led by our community manager. We built one-on-many relationships between the company and the audience, we boosted interactions, communication, learned what the followers of Elixir Group want and expect from this company. And the most important part – this didn’t come overnight. Community management is something that takes time, that doesn’t have any specific guidelines on how to do it, and something that needs a lot of effort.  

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