About Elko Marine

Born as boat engine service, Elko Marine grew into a successful vessel manufacturer that after more than a decade became a nautical service with a complete range of marine, outboard engine and boat maintenance services.


As fast as Elko Marine was expanding & growing in real life it needed to replicate that in the digital world. The wide range of provided services needed to be showcased so that the clients can find all of the information easily.


Creating a corporate website that will present every aspect of Elko Marine’s business including an online webshop while increasing their brand value.

Page layout

Page headers follow navy blue color scheme with images masked by brands logo pattern.


Combination of a strong sans-serif fonts with a geometric structure, Gotham Ultra for headings and Century Gothic for paragraphs.


Brand colors strongly reflect natural colors of the marine life & water and is a perfect fit for a nautical brand such as Elko.

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Elko Marine