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Elko Marine


2020 - present


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One of the hardest questions someone asks us is what services we provide for Elko Marine. Why? Because Nikola, CEO of Elko Marine, is one of those for whose brand we do everything. From creating, publishing and monitoring content on social media, creating, setting up and analyzing campaigns, photo and video production to website maintenance, email marketing, designing promotional material such as brochures, and even organizing events – our partnership with Elko Marine has really evolved throughout the years. How did we start working on this brand and from what did our services evolve? By creating valuable content that we distributed on Facebook and Instagram profiles. 

Educational Carousel Post

Aim of this type of post is bringing the basic nautical terms closer to newcomers.

Photos above are just a small part of what we’ve been doing for Elko Marine for the past three years. That’s how long we’ve been partners with Nikola and his team. 

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