When premium product meets premium marketing, high quality branding is what comes out of it.


Indoor Exclusive




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Stylish & premium visual identity, just like the product.

Branding is more than just a name, logo, and color palette. It’s the experience and the feeling you trigger in your customers. While working on this project, we concentrated on the bigger picture of the brand, and realized that quality and professionalism is what distinguishes Indoors from others. 

With that in mind, we’ve decided to use gold, black and white colors, and to use simple yet refined shapes. After we finished this project, one thing was certain – their logo set them apart from competitors. Scroll to look at the result.   

Primary colors

Secondary colors

R:234 G:187 B:68
C:9 M:26 Y:86 K:0

R:156 G:07 B:41
C:32 M:56 Y:99 K:17

R:51 G:51 B:51
C:69 M:63 Y:62 K:58

R:254 G:255 B:230
C:1 M:0 Y:11 K:0

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Indoors Exclusive