What do hookah and lama have in common?  Only one thing – a hookah café in Serbia, called ‘’Nargilama’’.






Logo design
Menu design


Brand development
Market adaptation
Brand positioning

Nargila • Serbian - an instrument used for smoking flavored tobacco

At the beginning of this project, from our partners we only had idea. They wanted something outstanding that would provoke interest when people passed by the coffee shop. Most of all, they wanted it to be related to lama. Why? Because no one can resist lamas, of course. 

After many books about Peru, lamas and brainstorming ideas, we’ve came up with authentic name, cunning logo and creative menu design. As a cherry on top of all, we wrote a story behind the brand that every lama can envy to. Take a look at the work we did for our Nargilama partners. 

Primary colors

Secondary colors

R:37 G:52 B:39
C:75 M:54 Y75 K:63

R:72 G:99 B:77
C:71 M:42 Y:71 K:29

R:244 G:177 B:44
C:3 M:33 Y:95 K:0

R:134 G:162 B:133
C:51 M:24 Y:54 K:32

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