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As a well-renowned and trusted name in the boating industry for 30 years in the region of Serbia and surrounding states, our client needed an online campaign that would establish that position in the digital world as well. After a few rounds of brainstorming, we came up with an idea for a YouTube series aimed at educating both newcomers and experienced boaters, after seeing that nobody has done anything similar for that niche. 


Since boating season regularly starts around April and ends around September and October, it was a demanding task to keep the target audience engaged throughout the whole year. By approaching this project as campaign, instead of a couple YouTube videos, we came up with a strategy for production and promotion of YouTube series “Nautika Info” which as of March 2023, has 19 episodes, which garnered 1000 YouTube subscribers and more than 200.000 views. The proof of success is the ongoing production of its 3rd season. 

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