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It’s interesting how some projects start, and the word unexpected is exactly how we can describe the beginning of our partnership with Mirko, owner of Tara-Raft rafting center. It all began back in 2019 when we came to Foča, Bosnia and Herzegovina (home of Tara-Raft) to work on a project that had nothing to do with Mirko and his team. While watching from a distance, our work came to his attention, and Mirko wanted to introduce himself. He started talking about his rafting center like it was everything he had. You could see in his eyes the love for his camp, the people he works with, rafting, but most of all – the passion he has for outdoor activities and nature. That same passion is one of the reasons why we said yes, a few hours later when he asked if we could become partners. 

After that, we worked hard to develop an adventurous image of Tara-Raft on social media channels. The result was harmonious from every point of view. 

Since 2020 we’ve been writing content for both Instagram and Facebook profiles, designing extraordinary visuals full of excitement and enjoyment. We’ve been distributing all that content on social media channels consistently, as well as promoting it through planned campaigns. During all that, we’ve worked hard on developing a strong community that supports Tara-Raft, and whole team behind it. The best part of this project is that we had an amazing time during the whole process. Take a look at the photos below to see how much fun we had every time we visited rafting center Tara-Raft. 

We had so much fun

Take a look at the photos below to see how much fun we had every time we visited rafting center Tara-Raft. 

Here are a few words from Mirko on our partnership 

‘’When developing a business and you want to brand it, the most important thing is to have a team of people around you who can understand and follow you in the right way. It is even better if you have people who understand you better than you sometimes understand yourself, people who can recognize what you yourself do not see, who see the much-needed bigger picture and know how to present and explain that picture to others.

Aleksandar and his creative young team are exactly that – people who will go out of their way to understand your ideas, needs and wishes, and who know how to present it to the world in the most professional way. A perfect combination of professionalism, creativity and humanity. Trusted partners for many years, and for a long time to come.’’

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